OpenACS 5.8.0 final released Aug 30, 2013

We are proud to announce the release of OpenACS 5.8.0.
The new release differs from OpenACS 5.7.0 in the following points:
  • Compatibility with PostgreSQL 9.2:
    The new version installs without any need for special parameter settings in new PostgreSQL versions. This makes it easier to use e.g. shared or packaged PostgreSQL installations.
  • Compatibility with NaviServer 4.99.5 or newer
  • Various performance and scalability improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Altogether, OpenACS 5.8.0 differs from OpenACS 5.7.0 in more than 18.000 modifications (781 commits) contributed by 7 committers.
Many thanks to all for the help!

Release Announcement, ChangeLog, Download

OpenACS 5.7.0 final released Jul 17, 2011

You can download it here. The kernel type and attribute creation functions will now optionally create SQL tables and columns as well as metadata, as has been done in the content repository functions to create CR types and attributes since the beginning. Other than this, the release primarily fixes bugs.